Dr. Janani R

Pediatric Dentist

Dr Janani, graduated with a Master's degree specializing in Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry, from DAPM RV Dental College in Bangalore. She has a decade experience in varied fields of Pedodontics, and has worked alongside senior dentists, across South India. Dr. Janani has also attended several screening and treatment camps in schools of Karnataka and Tamilnadu including for children with special needs.

Proficient in both the restorative and preventive aspects of pediatric dental care, and sedation dentistry, her enthusiastic participation has been a great asset to the practice. Dr Janani’s cheerful and friendly demeanor is infectious and children love being in her care. Her passion and commitment to treating children has ensured that over the years, many children have successfully received quality dental care. She takes a special interest in treating children who are differently abled and with special needs. Her experience in the use of effective Behaviour Management Techniques and related procedures makes delivery of care a seamless and happy experience for the children.

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