Prakhyat Mallikarjun

I had a severe pain with wisdom tooth. Found about Credence over the net. And contacted number from the link, and it connected me to Dr.Pavan. First impression with Dr.Pavan, he made me comfortable asking about the issue. Due to COVID issues, I was skeptical not to go dental clinic. Dr.Pavan listened with patience my pain and suggested it needs a visit to check depth of the decay. Also equally concerning was visiting dental clinic in this COVID situations. Dr.Pavan put it in simple words which gave me confidence to visit his clinic, he mentioned “They are taking all precautions, to provide the most safe treatment considering COVID situation”, also “It is upto the one who has to take precautions before coming to Clinic”.

I visited the clinic, the pain and decay was severe, Dr.Pavan suggested for a treatment. I took the treatment as suggested and followed all safety process and precautions. His clinic is taking all precautions, and doctors are wearing safety kits while treatment.

My teeth issue is resolved and I am most thankful to get treatment from him and his clinic. And no words to express, to receive help and treatment in this COVID situation.

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Seetha Nair

I visited Credence Dental for my Root Canal Treatment and Fixation of cap for the front tooth. Dr. Pavan explained in detail about the options available and what suits best. He helps people make informative choice bith in terms of quality and pricing, by explaining all its pros and cons. I opted Zirconia. Root Canal was painless and the overall charges were much reasonable compared to many dental clinic of same standards and services that I enquired. Staffs are friendly and helpful. I would recommend anyone who wants any dental treatments to visit Credence.

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Sindu Manjunath

Dr Pavan is one of the best Dentist. He is very clear about what needs to be done, and how it should be done. I’m highly satisfied with the treatment received in his clinic. He is indeed a perfect doctor for Dental health. Best of luck to him for all his future endeavours.

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Daniel David

I had my Mom’s wisdom tooth extraction this afternoon. Dr Pavan took extra care, as she being a senior citizen, had 4 surgeries in the past due to hernia repair, she is sensitive to high dose of antibiotics so Dr Pavan consulted with my Mom’s physician before the tooth extraction. He is compassionate, caring..! thank God for doctors like him and the Senior Surgeon.

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