Instructions for your Invisalign/Aligner wearer

  • Floss before brushing prior to wearing the aligner
  • Flossing to be done twice/day ideally; at least once at minimum. Brush your teeth preferably after each meal; whenever not possible, rinse mouth thoroughly
  • Every aligner when worn for the first time shouldn't be removed for 12 hrs straight
  • After wearing the aligner, bite upon the chewie for about 1-2 mins for 8-10 times/day. (Helps in snugly fitting the aligner onto the teeth making it very effective)
  • Aligner to be worn for more than 22hrs/day especially the first 3-4 days of every aligner
  • First 3-4 days of every new aligner is the most crucial as its effectiveness is maximum during the period
  • To maintain them clean, the aligners can be rinsed under running water; can use brush and paste if you prefer
  • Kindly apply GC Tooth Mousse onto all of your teeth before bedtime prior to wearing the aligner (will help in remineralization of teeth)
  • Kindly refrain from using any mouthwash while wearing aligners (may have a detrimental effect on the aligner material)
  • What can you eat with your aligner on? Ideally nothing; drinking water is absolutely fine. Alcohol can be consumed too; however, it might stain the aligners slightly yellow over time
  • Elastics to be changed every 24 hours

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Instructions for your Invisalign/Aligner wearer

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