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COVID Safety @Credence

Visit to the Dentist Amidst COVID-19

As dental doctors, we understand your concerns that during the Coronavirus pandemic, visit to the dental clinic may seem critical as patients are scared to venture out for their dental procedures.

It’s okay to postpone your regular dental treatments like teeth cleaning and put your plans on hold, but specific dental emergencies are urgent like tooth abscess, tooth fracture and gum bleeding which should not be delayed as it can cause tooth loss and further complications.

An unattended tooth cavity may reach the stage of root canal or even tooth extraction and a missing tooth might require dental implants and delaying could lead to a severe case of bone loss.

COVID Safety Procedures

COVID-19 Precautions – Your Safety First

At Credence, your safety is our first priority and we are highly concerned for the safety of our patients. We are taking active measures in-line and our sterilization and disinfection protocols have been incorporated post Covid-19 safety measures at our clinic based on the COVID prevention guidelines set by the WHO, American Dental Association, DCI and ,GOI.

We contribute to our patients and staff’s safety in minimizing the possibility of any infections by:

  • Following social distancing at our dental clinic
  • Regular hand Sanitization of patients, staff and attenders
  • Dental specialists, Resident Dentists and staff in PPE kit
  • One time use of a PPE kit
  • Daily fumigation, surface disinfection, fogging and sanitization of dental clinic, dental equipments and operatory
  • Non-contact digital payment options
  • Pre-Treatment questionnaire to ensure that the customer is not having any symptoms of Covid-19
  • Hygienic instruments are used to avoid spreading infections
  • Use of disposable instruments wherever possible and hygienic disposal of biomedical waste
  • To ensure standards of hygiene are maintained, the premises around the clinic are also disinfected

6-Point Safety

COVID Safety Guidelines followed at Credence Dental

We have incorporated new norms to our dental practice to do everything to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect our patients, staff, and visitors, after considering the Standard Operating Procedures and safety protocols issued by the regulatory bodies like Government of India, DCI, IDA and KSDC

  1. Regular disinfection of all surfaces coming in human contact is ensured
  2. Sterilization for Instruments: All the instruments are soaked in disinfectant solution for 30 minutes before scrubbing, followed by cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner. After ultrasonic cleaning, instruments are dried and sealed in individual pouches. These pouches are sterilized in a B-Class Autoclave to ensure 100% sterilization. After the sterilization in B-Class autoclave, sealed pouches are stored in an UV-Chamber
  3. UV Light (Ultraviolet) Disinfection Technologies: UV Light Chambers with of  light source emitting UV rays with wavelength of 250-300nm  are used routinely to store autoclaved instruments and to disinfect cloth items, napkins, masks, mobile phones and other small items
  4. Modified Pre-treatment Protocols for Patients and Visitors: New Protocols are introduced in clinic for patients and accompanying individuals before and during the visit to clinic includes hand sanitization, contact less temperature screening, oxygen saturation level screening, sharing relevant travel & medical history, waiting area is arranged maintain social distance
  5. PPE for Dentists and Dental Assistants: Disposable PPE’s are used by dentists and supporting staff to prevent cross-contamination to ensure safety of our patients and staff
  6. Fumigation of Clinic Everyday: Whole clinic is fumigated multiple times everyday to ensure the elimination of all forms of micro-organism

Added Extra Measure

Credence Dental now Purified with Shycocan

COVID-19 Safety of patients within our Clinic is paramount. The rising numbers of affected Corona Virus patients, have been identified with increasing Periodontal Diseases and Gum Diseases. Studies have revealed that COVID recovered patients also have symptoms of varied dental issues related to oral hygiene.

Amidst the pandemic, we continue to operate our clinic for dental emergencies. For the safety of our patients, Doctors and staff, along with following all protocols as per ICMR, we have gone the extra step ahead an installed ‘Shycocan’.

Shycocan* provides real time protection against infection from all Corona-family of viruses. It is a virulence prevention and containment device that attenuates 99.9% of the coronavirus in the air, within closed spaces. This is a ‘Hypercharge Corona Canon’, which simply means that the device delivers that produces hypercharge high velocity electrons, which intercept the negative-charge seeking S-protein of the Corona family of viruses, thus rendering it incapable of attaching to human cells. This reduces infection and prevents air and surface borne transmission of coronavirus.

As always, you can visit our dental clinic, and be assured that we are one step ahead in terms of patient safety. Get your Dental treatments at ease and need not worry about transmission of COVID-19. We, at Credence Dental, continue to follow all protocols and precautions as need to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

*Shycocan provides real time protection against infection from coronavirus and has been notified by US FDA under Enforcement Discretion Policy.

Patient Safety

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