A smooth and hassle-free consultation journey just by one click through Tele Consultation!

Virtual dental care or Tele Dentistry is a form of cutting-edge communication technology and a remote service in the new era of innovative and professional healthcare.

Dental Appointments at Credence Dental clinic is made easy at your fingertips now!

You can now connect with our expert dentists online, at your convenience anywhere and at your own comfort.

We understand that patients are not always willing to undertake the inconvenience of traveling to the dental clinic or willing to wait in a queue for long hours at the dental appointments as it’s not very efficient. In special, owing to the present situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, basic consultations can be obtained through this mode.

So we have a very simple process where in you just have to register yourself, which will be the first step to contact our dentist. Then, choose your preferred dental doctors online and get an appointment. Our dentists will get in touch with the patients who are in need of a dental consultation, once we get your appointment notification. In case a visit to the clinic is required after the Virtual Consultation, you can also book an appointment for the required time slot!

The virtual dentist can quickly reply with a treatment plan and a prescription with medications for the patient. Virtual dental consultations and appointments had been never easier than before, all at the comfort of your home.

Our team of highly experienced expert dentists are here to serve you virtually.

You can also WhatsApp us for an appointment at +91-9141160212

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