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We specialise in Root Canal Treatment (RCT), dentures, pediatric dentistry, dental implants, invisalign, wisdom tooth management, and teeth whitening. Get the smile you deserve with modern technology, an exceptional team and commitment towards patient care, along with a stress-free environment.
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Credence Dental

The Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore

Have you ever faced the need to find a good dental clinic in Bangalore? Credence Dental is a nearest and reputed dental clinic in Bangalore. We offer undoubtedly the best services of dentistry all over Bangalore at affordable prices. Our dentists always do their best to take care of every single patient and we are the affordable and best dentists in Bangalore. As you have previously noticed, our initial task is to set the foundation for you to feel as comfortable as possible, and dental check-ups & teeth cleaning service charges are reasonable.

Credence dental is one of the best & the leading dental clinic in Bangalore for more than 8 successful years. In our credence dental, we are using the latest technologies to treat the patients for making them comfortable, safe, easier, and effective. We have a team of well trained, experienced, and expertise dentists for providing quality dental treatments to our patients in Bangalore.

Dr.Pavan TP, BDS, MDS, the founder of “Credence dental” who is passionate and expert in the field of dentistry for more than 12 years. He is one of the best Prosthodontist and Implantologist in Bangalore and treated for more than 10,000 patients so far. His passionate & care towards the patients makes him to provide a best dental clinic in Bangalore with a good ambience & all facilities.

In addition to service for adults and geriatric patients, we also provide dental treatments for the kids. We are committed to provide treatment for every individual according to your available needs.

Our dental services includes: RCT/ Root canal treatment, Periodontal/Gum Care, Dental implants, Teeth whitening, orthodontic Braces, Invisible braces, Invisalign, Tooth color Fillings, Wisdom teeth management, Dentures/False teeth, Dental Veneers, Crown and bridge, Smile makeover/Smile Designing.

Credence dental is considered to be the finest dental clinic in Bangalore by the patients who have received treatments here. Not only Credence dental has the best dentist team in the Bangalore city but also obliged for the proper care & attention on their patients.

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How it helps you get a strong and healthy teeth

with a great smile, you look good and feel good at any age. Keeping your smile healthy also keeps you healthy. When your mouth is healthy, chances are high that your overall health is good.


We apply our years of experience and advanced technologies in providing you the best dental care


Our treatment procedures are systematic and completely stress-free


We will conduct a thorough oral examination and provide best treatment advice.


We conduct regular follow-ups for to ensure optimal progress of treatment and patient dental health

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