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Are you tired of loose ill-fitting dentures and don’t feel like wearing your dentures at all?

Denture fitness is a widespread problem faced by multiple patients. There can be various reasons for the ill-fitting nature of dentures but don’t worry we have a solution for your dental concern which is implant-supported overdentures. 

Implant-supported Dentures are a special type of prosthesis which use dental implants as the main source for stability and tight fix. In other words, implant-supported overdentures have a combined quality of dental implants and removable Dentures.  So if we have an alternative to the route removable dentures with good stability and support why not opt for the same!!

Who can benefit from implant-supported overdentures?

If your old dentures are not comfortable for you and they just slip when you are speaking,  Implant-supported overdentures can be a great option to look for. These Dentures provide a sound foundation, thereby improving chewing and speech efficiency. But the main requirement for placement of such dentures is excellent and sufficient density and thickness of residual bone available so that it can hold implants firmly in place.

How do implant-supported dentures function?

On the inner side of dentures, overdenture attachments are placed whose corresponding part is seated over the implants. Both these corresponding attachments fit into each other perfectly, thus preventing the moving or slippage of dentures.

Fixed versus removable prosthesis design

Most patients prefer fixed types of dentures to have the feel of natural teeth. Also in most situations with good bone present and if patients maintain adequate oral hygiene, a fixed implant will be a comfortable and suitable treatment option

As there is an extra cost associated with the fabrication of fixed dentures,  they are costlier than removable ones.  However, implant-supported dentures appear to have fewer routine maintenance requirements.

Utilization of two or four implants leads to excellent function and gives good support. During the treatment planning, it is important to ensure all criteria of the amount of bone present, and the space present is adequate so that the fabrication of denture is not vulnerable to fracture

Steps involved

Initially, your dentist will evaluate entirely to check if you are the ideal candidate for the procedure. This will involve clinical examination and medical and dental history. 

If you are fit for treatment,  the next step will be of extraction of all remaining teeth. Following this, a healing period of a few months will be needed to allow for bone to regenerate and this is followed by further CT scan to evaluate the condition of the bone.

Immediately after tooth extraction, a temporary denture will be given. 

The next step involved the placement of implants which is a surgical procedure carried out under local anesthesia which will again be followed by a healing period. The waiting period after the placement of implants is of 3 to 4 months. After a few months depending on healing next step will be of placement of screw caps for implants following which measurements will be made and sent to a lab for fabrication of overdenture.

Once overdenture is received from the lab they are attached to the implants placed in the jaws with fine precision so that the denture gets engaged with the implants and prevents any movement of the denture.

What are the Advantages of implant-supported overdentures?

For some patients who are not satisfied with the removable dentures because of poor fit or loose nature of denture, implant-supported overdentures can be a boon for any form of defects in gums as generally, the normal Dentures become loose if any growth occurs on gum or if the bone height is reducing.

  1. Patients have superior mastectomy, functional and quality score
  2. Maintenance of oral hygiene is easier 
  3. Aesthetics is superior 
  4. It’s a long-term fixed kind of treatment  option.

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