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Do You Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal Treatment?

Many of you may be wondering if you need a crown after root canal. You’re not alone. This is a common question many people have when they want to know more about the type of care they should receive after having to undergo a root canal.

A root canal procedure may be necessary to save your tooth from potential complications, such as an infection or pain that may spread to the surrounding tissue or jawbone. However, root canal procedures don’t always go smoothly, resulting in teeth that are fractured or weakened by the procedure.

A dental crown offers protection to your tooth and covers roots, prevent further damage to them. It can also improve strength to your tooth and increase its lifespan.

Even if a tooth looks to be in perfect condition after root canal treatment, it can still experience more damage over time. If you’ve ever cracked your tooth through something as simple as biting into an apple, you know how quickly teeth can develop new problems—even after they have been repaired.

The Benefits of a Dental Crown After Root Canal Therapy

  • Getting a natural-looking smile back
  • Restore a Weak Tooth
  • Lessens Tooth Sensitivity
  • Prevents Infection

Take a look at our video to learn more about what we mean when we say a dental crown is necessary after a root canal procedure!

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Removable Denture Care

Here are some steps that you have to follow after receiving your dentures.

  • Removable dentures require proper care to keep them clean, free from stains, and looking their best.
  • For good denture care
    1. Remove your denture and rinse after eating.
    2. Handle carefully: Be sure you don’t bend or damage the plastic or the wires attached to it.
    3. Clean your mouth after removing your dentures.
    4. Brush your dentures at least daily: with a soft-bristled brush and nonabrasive
    5. denture cleaner to remove food plaque and other deposits.
    6. Soak dentures overnight: place the dentures in water or a mild dentures-soaking solution overnight.

Schedule regular dental checkups:

Your dentist will recommend how often to visit to have your dentures examined and professionally cleaned. Your dental visit can help to ensure a proper fit to prevent slippage and discomfort, and also to check the health of the denture supporting tissues inside of your mouth.

See your dentist if you have a loose fit

Visit your dentist promptly if your dentures become loose, loose dentures can cause irritation, sores, and infections.

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Dentures, Crowns and Bridges

Single-Day Dentures – Transform Your Smile in 24Hrs!

Dentures, also known as false teeth, are the best way for many geriatric patients to restore their smiles and their desire to eat healthy and nutritious food. We understand the agony of missing teeth or damaged teeth, thus restoring/replacing missing teeth with dentures can improve health and quality of life to great extent. At Credence Dental, we offer custom-made dentures to help you enjoy a whole and complete smile, and instantly, you will feel a lot better about yourself.

With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, many elderly patients have had to postpone their dental treatments, mainly due to the fear of contracting the virus. Living with consistent pain is not an option and will affect mental and physical health. At Credence Dental, we value our patients’ health and safety. For the ease and safety of patients who require dentures, we are offering the ‘One-Day Dentures’!

What exactly is the ‘One-Day Denture’ Treatment?

While most denture clinics in Bangalore, offer dentures that are fabricated with a series of multiple visits over several days to weeks, our ‘One-Day Denture’ allows you to experience the benefits of a fully functional denture almost immediately. They are also known as Same Day Dentures or ‘Denture in a Day’ procedure.

This procedure is unique, as the patient receives fully-functional dentures, which are customized and can be fitted within 24 hrs. This allows the patient to experience an instant and beautiful look as a result of the procedure. With these dentures, individuals will be able to smile, speak, and eat with confidence. These dentures are measured, manufactured, and molded to a patient’s oral cavity and are inserted as quickly as within a day.

Whether you need to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all your teeth, or whether you are wearing unsightly partials, painful dentures, or old ill-fitting loose dentures you will get your smile back quickly and efficiently. Single-day dentures make it possible for you to have aesthetically-pleasing dentures in less than 24 hours.

Who can opt for One-Day Denture?

Normally, a seasoned denturist should be able to determine and precisely suggest if you are the right candidate for these dentures.

An ideal denture candidate includes the patient who:

  • Is the completely missing the majority of teeth
  • Is an existing denture wearer and is willing for a replacement?
  • If having multiple loose teeth or/and already missing a couple of teeth are suggested to opt for dentures.

Tooth loss can be caused due to various reasons, including periodontal disease, facial/jaw injury, tooth decay and extraction, poor oral health, and natural aging. Dentures in a day are the perfect solutions for addressing tooth loss problems effectively, quickly, and ­affordably.

Why choose One-Day Denture?

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is indeed risky especially for elderly patients to have multiple visits to the dentist. If you have an aged person at home, who is suffering due to old ill-fitting, loose dentures, who cannot afford to risk (of contracting COVID-19) multiple visits to the dental clinic are potentially the right candidates for ‘one-day denture’ as it’s an optimal solution.

To reduce the risk of exposure to contracting the virus, the entire procedure from consultation to multiple-sittings and fitting of the dentures will be accomplished within 24 hrs. It’s a revolutionary development in the field of dentistry and it can be a life-altering experience for patients as to how the dentures are placed on the very same day.

We’re passionate about improving health through quality treatment and well-made prosthetics. If you need dentures and are considering our ‘One-Day Denture’, please schedule an appointment with our expert denturist today!

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Ceramic Crowns – Everything You Need To Know !

What are E-Max crowns: Everything you need to know about these Ceramic Crowns

Has your dentist ever recommended an E max crown for you? If yes, let’s visit Credence Dental to get to know what these crowns exactly are. E-Max crowns are Dental Crowns made entirely with special ceramic material which is durable as well as aesthetically appealing. These special crowns material is helpful for reinforcing the tooth structure of your teeth and thus protecting it from further damage. The brand is often known as E max or simply max crowns which are used as an add on treatment after a root canal procedure

Advantages of E-Max crowns

E-Max crowns are a type of all-ceramic crown that are favored for its durable, attractive characteristics. Ceramic composed of lithium disilicate is used to make E-Max crowns. It is made from a single block lithium disilicate which makes it a very high strength crown. It is a superior grade substance that is regarded for its toughness, durability, and opaque properties. As the crown is translucent, it is said to be the greatest option for blending in with your natural teeth.

This property makes it a popular choice for restoration in your front teeth. There is no metal inside the crown so there will not be any blackish-gray line around the gum line which is esthetically non-pleasing.E-max crowns can help fix discolored or stained teeth, crooked teeth, chipped or cracked teeth decayed teeth, shape or form of teeth

How is it different from a Zirconium Crown?

E-Max and Zirconia both are metal-free dental crowns. Both are used as esthetic restorative materials. However, each material has unique characteristics that make them suitable for use for different occasions. The choice depends upon the dental condition and dentists recommendation. Zirconium Dioxide is a white crystalline oxide of zirconium. It is ceramic, also a strong material, resistant to wear, and difficult to crack for  its mechanical properties. It is a biocompatible material that is very similar to the qualities of a genuine tooth. Zirconium and porcelain are the two materials used to create zirconia crowns. On the interior of the crown, zirconium is used while the exterior is molded from porcelain

Zirconium is pale in color, which makes it blend in well with natural tooth and prevents it from exhibiting unsightly lines like PFM crowns do. Zirconia crowns are more opaque compared to E-Max crowns. Therefore, dentists recommend zirconium crowns for back teeth , that is where esthetics is not of concern and  they require sturdy material that can survive a lot of biting and chewing. Zirconium is recommended for dark teeth underneath because the opaqueness helps in covering the dark shade.

Zirconia vs E-Max crowns

Zirconia and E-Max crowns can be used to restore teeth that are severely decaying, missing, crooked, or otherwise damaged. Compared to earlier PFM crowns with metal lines, both materials are much better. Both materials are biocompatible with soft and hard tissues. E-Max crowns are more translucent. Patients who want their front teeth replaced may prefer E- max for its translucency. E-Max crowns can be used to replace back teeth as well contrary to the misconception that only zirconia crowns can be used to replace back teeth.

Despite the fact that E-Max crowns are translucent, the material can be shaped to be strong enough to replace back molars. Hence, both zirconia and E-Max crowns can be used for both front teeth and back teeth. Depending on the patient’s bite, if a patient has bruxism, it is better to go for zirconia. If not, E-Max may be the more aesthetic choice. Whether you use E-Max or zirconia crowns

It depends on how many teeth need to be replaced. While both are highly suited for replacing a single tooth, multiple usage in dental bridges or for adjacent teeth depends on dental consideration. Since it cannot provide the resistance needed by lengthy bridges, E-Max crowns are recommended on short bridges.

Ways to keep your E-Max prosthesis in good condition and trouble-free
  • Do not bite on your fingernails
  • Do not use your teeth to unclog any container
  • Use splints in ase, If you are a person who clenches teeth at night
  • Have relaxation habit and de stress before sleeping
  • Have perfect dental hygiene that meets the need of your teeth
  • Keep you dental follow up on time

If you need to replace a crown, E-Max is one of the best options. The benefits are easily appreciable. If you are desiring for the best esthetic appearance , Schedule an Appointment with us today!!!

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Benefits of implant-supported dentures

Are you tired of loose ill-fitting dentures and don’t feel like wearing your dentures at all?

Denture fitness is a widespread problem faced by multiple patients. There can be various reasons for the ill-fitting nature of dentures but don’t worry we have a solution for your dental concern which is implant-supported overdentures. 

Implant-supported Dentures are a special type of prosthesis which use dental implants as the main source for stability and tight fix. In other words, implant-supported overdentures have a combined quality of dental implants and removable Dentures.  So if we have an alternative to the route removable dentures with good stability and support why not opt for the same!!

Who can benefit from implant-supported overdentures?

If your old dentures are not comfortable for you and they just slip when you are speaking,  Implant-supported overdentures can be a great option to look for. These Dentures provide a sound foundation, thereby improving chewing and speech efficiency. But the main requirement for placement of such dentures is excellent and sufficient density and thickness of residual bone available so that it can hold implants firmly in place.

How do implant-supported dentures function?

On the inner side of dentures, overdenture attachments are placed whose corresponding part is seated over the implants. Both these corresponding attachments fit into each other perfectly, thus preventing the moving or slippage of dentures.

Fixed versus removable prosthesis design

Most patients prefer fixed types of dentures to have the feel of natural teeth. Also in most situations with good bone present and if patients maintain adequate oral hygiene, a fixed implant will be a comfortable and suitable treatment option

As there is an extra cost associated with the fabrication of fixed dentures,  they are costlier than removable ones.  However, implant-supported dentures appear to have fewer routine maintenance requirements.

Utilization of two or four implants leads to excellent function and gives good support. During the treatment planning, it is important to ensure all criteria of the amount of bone present, and the space present is adequate so that the fabrication of denture is not vulnerable to fracture

Steps involved

Initially, your dentist will evaluate entirely to check if you are the ideal candidate for the procedure. This will involve clinical examination and medical and dental history. 

If you are fit for treatment,  the next step will be of extraction of all remaining teeth. Following this, a healing period of a few months will be needed to allow for bone to regenerate and this is followed by further CT scan to evaluate the condition of the bone.

Immediately after tooth extraction, a temporary denture will be given. 

The next step involved the placement of implants which is a surgical procedure carried out under local anesthesia which will again be followed by a healing period. The waiting period after the placement of implants is of 3 to 4 months. After a few months depending on healing next step will be of placement of screw caps for implants following which measurements will be made and sent to a lab for fabrication of overdenture.

Once overdenture is received from the lab they are attached to the implants placed in the jaws with fine precision so that the denture gets engaged with the implants and prevents any movement of the denture.

What are the Advantages of implant-supported overdentures?

For some patients who are not satisfied with the removable dentures because of poor fit or loose nature of denture, implant-supported overdentures can be a boon for any form of defects in gums as generally, the normal Dentures become loose if any growth occurs on gum or if the bone height is reducing.

  1. Patients have superior mastectomy, functional and quality score
  2. Maintenance of oral hygiene is easier 
  3. Aesthetics is superior 
  4. It’s a long-term fixed kind of treatment  option.

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