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Tips On Choosing The Right Pediatric Dentist

One of the many duties that comes with being a parent is good oral hygiene. Cavities are more common in children’s teeth than in adults’ teeth. That’s why it’s essential for parents to take their children to the dentist at least twice a year. When children are experiencing tooth discomfort prior to seeing a dentist, it is more difficult for parents to persuade them to get their teeth examined by someone else. Their concern of causing more pain to their existing suffering makes it difficult for them to trust the Pediatric dentist, especially given the strange-looking gadgets and frightening sounds they hear in most dental offices.

Pediatric dentist are similar to dentists who work with adults. They both have the same medical degree and work in the same field. The only thing that distinguishes pediatric dentists from general practice dentists is their certification training in dealing with children, which means a great deal to a parent. They also study different procedures and techniques such as child psychology, conscious and deep sedations that are applicable to treating children especially for specially abled children.  Pediatric dentists are strongly recommended for children because they are trained in how to manage children.

Here are some points to remember when choosing the right pediatric dentist for your child:

  • Qualification and Certification 

Please keep in mind that the pediatric dentist you choose to care for your child’s dental health should have completed a course in Pediatric Dentistry from an accredited institution.

  • Good Behaviour Management Skills

It is well known that children have difficulty communicating. You should seek out a dentist who is skilled in behaviour management. A dentist who welcomes your youngster with a wide, warm smile is an excellent place to start. Pediatric dentists have received special training in how to communicate with children through a dynamic process of speech, facial expression, and voice tone. A fantastic example of a therapeutic interaction between your dentist and your child is the dentist enabling the youngster to see the dental chair rise and fall without having to sit in it yet.  Pediatric dentists should avoid becoming overbearing, particularly during the first dental appointment.

  • Location of the Dental Clinic

Consider how far you and your child will have to go to the dentist. It is preferable if the dental facility is close to your home or neighbourhood. As a result, you may always point out the dental clinic as a visual cue for your child whenever you pass it, and maybe even take a quick tour if the staff allows it, prior to the actual day of the child’s visit. Longer distances increase your child’s anxiousness, which might result in temper tantrums.

  • Knowledgeable of available procedures

The paediatric dentist of your choosing should be well-versed in both basic and advanced methods for treating children. He or she should be able to provide your child with basic prophylaxis and other normal dental care while also being well-informed and skilled when asked to do more sophisticated procedures like root canals or sedations.

  • Ask around for Reference

Don’t forget to ask your relatives and friends as well. They may know of good professional paediatric dentists who can be recommended.

  • Dental Clinic that is well-equipped

Another thing to look at is whether the dental clinic where the pediatric dentist works is well-equipped with the essential materials. Materials such as a papoose board, oxygen tank, pulse oximeter, and intubation sets should be immediately available if your child requires sedation.

These are some of the tips for finding the right dentist for your child. Give the best Dental treatment for your child at Credence Dental

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Pediatric Dentistry

Visiting Your Pediatric Dentist During COVID-19

The Novel coronavirus disease is infecting people all over the world. Now that COVID-19 cases are declining in India after the Second wave of Coronavirus infections, and people are returning to their normal routines. But, the pandemic has not yet ended. The second phase of vaccine rollout for all adults was made available only recently and it would definitely take longer for children under 18 years of age to be vaccinated.

As a parent, it is indeed challenging to protect your child from COVID. With schools and recreational centers being closed, it is almost like their normal lives have been put on hold. We cannot put a stop on their mental and physical growth. Your child still needs regular health checks and timely vaccinations that are age related. Dental health of your child is one such measure that requires regular checks.

For infants and toddlers, it would be until the permanent teeth come through. For parents with teenagers with braces, would definitely know the importance of keeping a dental appointment. Now, as a parent you might be wondering if it is safe to take your child to a pediatric dentist amidst the COVID pandemic?  There is good news, as we at Credence Dental, have always followed a 6-point safety check  even before the COVID-19 virus was out at large. In addition to this, we have also enhanced our procedures and adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines and ensure to protect your little ones.

During the COVID Lockdown, we had kept our clinic closed for elective procedures, to help control the spread of the coronavirus. We would continue to give priority to dental emergencies, so what exactly are these?

What parents need to know about dental emergencies?

As a parent, you should pay attention and flag a dental emergency as one of the following:

  • Toothache
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Infection/Abscess

It is also essential to let your child know how to brush their teeth properly and know the importance of oral hygiene. If your child has any other dental issues, and as a parent, you are unable to decide whether or not you need a trip to the dentist, you can consult our specialist via tele-consultation . Our specialist pediatric dentist would assess whether or not you would need to visit the clinic.

Pediatric Dentists suggest that regular check-ups for your child would help identify issues earlier which can be treated with much ease rather than later. If your child’s regular visit to the dentist is due, then hesitate no further. Read on to know more what you can expect when taking your child to the pediatric dentist at our Dental Clinic during the COVID Pandemic:

  • Prior appointment

We only see patients with prior appointment, this to ensure that dental appointments are staggered to ensure the treatment area and equipments are cleaned between each patients’ visit

  • Contactless Temperature check

As you arrive at the dental clinic, body temperature reading will be checked and recorded. You are also required to sanitize your hands

  • Social distancing

We have removed some of the chairs to keep you and your children at a safe distance from other patients who are in the waiting area

  • Limited appointments

We have consciously scheduled limited appointments to limit the number of people who work in our dental office

  • Hand sanitizer, mask, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for all staff

All doctors and staff within the clinic strictly follow all the COIVD-19 guidelines such as wearing PPE, changing gloves, washing hands thoroughly, and wearing masks while at the clinic, to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients

  • Toys and Magazines

Expect no toys and magazines in the waiting area, we are frequently wiping down all common surfaces such as door handles, chairs, desks throughout the day to ensure that any infectious bacteria or viruses that may be present on these surfaces are destroyed.

  • Children and a dentist

Let your child know that pediatric patient and a dentist are only allowed in a room and prepared to go in on their own

  • Additional safety protocols in our dental clinic – Shycocan

Credence Dental clinic is the first dental clinic in Bangalore to install shycocan – which ensures 99.9% neutralization of virus associated with COVID-19

If you have any more queries about the COVID protocols that we have in place to take care of you and your family while you are at our clinic, feel free to contact us with your queries and we will be more than willing to answer. Your Safety is Our First Priority and we do everything in our means to keep you safe while you are at our clinic for a regular dental check or for an emergency.

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General and Preventive Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry

How often should children brush their teeth?

Children are in active mode from the moment they wake till the time they go back to their
pillows at night. With all of the activity they have going on routinely, often at times they start
cutting corners on certain parts of their health and wellness like brushing their teeth. The daily
bargain by kids of not brushing or only brushing once is usual in every household.

Here are some of the reason why kids don’t prefer to brush or just brush once a day

  • I am too busy in the morning – Mornings are never a very happy moment for kids as they
    are sleepy, have a blur of activity, are busy finishing their breakfast or homework. For
    other children just waking them up and getting them to reach school is itself a big chore.
    But both these kinds of kids have 1 thing in common : they don’t make time to brush their
  • After children get home from school they get busy with their friends, extra curricular
    activities or their school work. Because of this they at times forget to brush their teeth.
  • For some kids, brushing their teeth is a chore. For some reason they just don’t like
    brushing their teeth even a single time.
  • The next category of kids is the ones who say they forgot to brush their teeth. These are
    the kids who don’t mind brushing their teeth but simply need prompting to make
    brushing part of their routine
How Often Should Kids Brush Their Teeth?

When it comes to brushing , the general rule for children is the same as for adults. Twice a day,
first thing in the morning and just before going to bed at night. It is also recommended that every
child brushes their teeth for 2 to 3 minutes every time. Toothpaste is not like soap which will
lather by just applying it. It requires a technique to brush all teeth and remove the debris.

However we understand that it can be quite difficult to get your kids to brush their teeth twice a
day for that long. This is why it is important to make brushing a fun activity for kids. There are
many ways you can encourage your kids to brush their teeth.

Few activities which can be done for children include making a game out of brushing, or giving
them star stickers every time they brush their teeth. Children can also be shown educational
videos on phone or tv to make best use of the time.

The important point here is to start encouraging kids to practice good oral health early so that
these habits last for the rest of their lives. These regular brushing habits prevent children from
dental issues like tooth pain, cavities and plaque accumulation.

It has come to a conclusion that brushing teeth once a day is a poor choice for the health of the
child. So here are the ways in which you can reinforce the habit of brushing twice a day when
your child is hesitant.

  • When the child makes an excuse of being too busy in the morning, assist your child in
    creating a new morning routine which gives them proper time to brush. At the end what
    we need is just an extra 2 minutes for brushing properly. if your child takes those extra 5
    minutes to just snooze the alarm and sleep , give the child some incentive to wake up on
    time which in a way will give them time for brushing too.
  • If the child says they are too busy at night, just before the child goes to bed , make a habit
    of checking their teeth, and you can get involved with the child by crushing them. This
    way children get motivation to complete the task. Just stand in front of the mirror, play
    some songs and do brushing with your child.
  • If the child says they don’t like brushing, allow the child to choose their own toothbrush
    and toothpaste. This gives them ownership of small decisions which will make them
    exciting for brushing.
  • If the child says i frog, help them make a new routine for themselves. Make a visual chart
    and allow them to put stickers on it when they brush their teeth. After they have gained a
    certain number of stars on their chart, give them a fun gift , which itself can reinforce the
    habit and make it a daily routine.

Brushing ideally should take place in the morning after breakfast and in evening after dinner.
Morning brushing habits ensure that their breath is fresh and teeth are properly cleaned. Brushing
at night removes any sugar, acid or excess food from teeth and gums, aiding in good oral health
throughout the night. Pediatric dentists often use the phrase 2 by 2 during preventive visits to
remind children of the number of times they have to brush and for how long brushing is

Click here to know about the Different Brushing Techiniques for Children and how these would help you as parent to ensure your Child’s Dental hygiene is upto mark.

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