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Ceramic Crowns – Everything You Need To Know !

What are E-Max crowns: Everything you need to know about these Ceramic Crowns

Has your dentist ever recommended an E max crown for you? If yes, let’s visit Credence Dental to get to know what these crowns exactly are. E-Max crowns are Dental Crowns made entirely with special ceramic material which is durable as well as aesthetically appealing. These special crowns material is helpful for reinforcing the tooth structure of your teeth and thus protecting it from further damage. The brand is often known as E max or simply max crowns which are used as an add on treatment after a root canal procedure

Advantages of E-Max crowns

E-Max crowns are a type of all-ceramic crown that are favored for its durable, attractive characteristics. Ceramic composed of lithium disilicate is used to make E-Max crowns. It is made from a single block lithium disilicate which makes it a very high strength crown. It is a superior grade substance that is regarded for its toughness, durability, and opaque properties. As the crown is translucent, it is said to be the greatest option for blending in with your natural teeth.

This property makes it a popular choice for restoration in your front teeth. There is no metal inside the crown so there will not be any blackish-gray line around the gum line which is esthetically non-pleasing.E-max crowns can help fix discolored or stained teeth, crooked teeth, chipped or cracked teeth decayed teeth, shape or form of teeth

How is it different from a Zirconium Crown?

E-Max and Zirconia both are metal-free dental crowns. Both are used as esthetic restorative materials. However, each material has unique characteristics that make them suitable for use for different occasions. The choice depends upon the dental condition and dentists recommendation. Zirconium Dioxide is a white crystalline oxide of zirconium. It is ceramic, also a strong material, resistant to wear, and difficult to crack for  its mechanical properties. It is a biocompatible material that is very similar to the qualities of a genuine tooth. Zirconium and porcelain are the two materials used to create zirconia crowns. On the interior of the crown, zirconium is used while the exterior is molded from porcelain

Zirconium is pale in color, which makes it blend in well with natural tooth and prevents it from exhibiting unsightly lines like PFM crowns do. Zirconia crowns are more opaque compared to E-Max crowns. Therefore, dentists recommend zirconium crowns for back teeth , that is where esthetics is not of concern and  they require sturdy material that can survive a lot of biting and chewing. Zirconium is recommended for dark teeth underneath because the opaqueness helps in covering the dark shade.

Zirconia vs E-Max crowns

Zirconia and E-Max crowns can be used to restore teeth that are severely decaying, missing, crooked, or otherwise damaged. Compared to earlier PFM crowns with metal lines, both materials are much better. Both materials are biocompatible with soft and hard tissues. E-Max crowns are more translucent. Patients who want their front teeth replaced may prefer E- max for its translucency. E-Max crowns can be used to replace back teeth as well contrary to the misconception that only zirconia crowns can be used to replace back teeth.

Despite the fact that E-Max crowns are translucent, the material can be shaped to be strong enough to replace back molars. Hence, both zirconia and E-Max crowns can be used for both front teeth and back teeth. Depending on the patient’s bite, if a patient has bruxism, it is better to go for zirconia. If not, E-Max may be the more aesthetic choice. Whether you use E-Max or zirconia crowns

It depends on how many teeth need to be replaced. While both are highly suited for replacing a single tooth, multiple usage in dental bridges or for adjacent teeth depends on dental consideration. Since it cannot provide the resistance needed by lengthy bridges, E-Max crowns are recommended on short bridges.

Ways to keep your E-Max prosthesis in good condition and trouble-free
  • Do not bite on your fingernails
  • Do not use your teeth to unclog any container
  • Use splints in ase, If you are a person who clenches teeth at night
  • Have relaxation habit and de stress before sleeping
  • Have perfect dental hygiene that meets the need of your teeth
  • Keep you dental follow up on time

If you need to replace a crown, E-Max is one of the best options. The benefits are easily appreciable. If you are desiring for the best esthetic appearance , Schedule an Appointment with us today!!!

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Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Crown – Does your child need it?

Has your pediatric dentist suggested a Dental Crown? Then read on to know more about Dental crowns and if your Child needs it or not.

Why does your child need a dental crown?

Every parent desires that their children should be free of any decay in their teeth which will help them in being healthy. Yet it doesn’t stop the initial thought by parents when they hear the word Dental crown. Thoughts keep coming to mind, is there really a need for a crown? They are just baby teeth which are eventually going to be replaced by permanent teeth. But the facts are different. Pediatric Dentistry says that baby teeth can help your child to speak properly, eat comfortably and serve as a space maintainer for their permanent teeth

If decayed teeth are not treated, it compromises other surrounding teeth too. Dental decay in children’s teeth is a significant health problem and affects 60% to 90% of school children. When teeth have decay, the dentist does a filling if the cavity is small. But if the cavity is large and involves multiple surfaces of the tooth, then doing just a filling does not suffice because the filling will lack support of the tooth structure. In such cases the dentist will recommend that tooth should be reinforced with a crown. Also, after doing a root canal treatment the placement of crowns is recommended to prevent fracture of the tooth and to avoid further ingress of bacteria

Types of Pediatric Crowns

Crowns used for children for repair and restoration of primary teeth differ slightly in terms of material used, but function in a similar manner to the adult crowns. These crowns are usually pre formed in the form of tooth shaped caps which cover vulnerable teeth , and thus store their strength

The selection of which type of crown to be placed is mainly dependent on the location where it is required in the oral cavity. Like if it’s a back tooth where esthetics is not very important metal crowns are preferred, whereas for front teeth, esthetic crowns are suggested as it will give more of a natural look.

These crowns are ready crowns and hence the treatment can be completed in a single visit itself, unlike adults where they have to visit 2 or 3 times for crown placement. If these decayed teeth or root canal completed teeth are not covered by a crown, there are high chances of breakage with the tooth, which will further complicate the case. The layers of baby teeth are very thin compared to the adult teeth and this makes them vulnerable to easy breakage. On other hand if a tooth is lost prematurely, neighboring teeth will want to fill in the space and thus create crowning of all teeth. This might be a clear indication of orthodontic treatment in future.

Stainless Steel crowns

One type of pediatric crowns is the stainless steel crowns which have been used for more than 80 years now. They are known as the gold standard in pediatric dentistry, the crown is a preformed metal shell that can be easily placed and customized to fit on any tooth. The durability, strength and resistance to moisture is 1000% compared to other crowns.

They require minimal preparation, are cost effective and the most affordable option to go for. The only concern with these crowns is of esthetics and they are metal crowns and hence cannot be given in front teeth. But when you want high strength durable crowns for back teeth, stainless steel crowns are the best.

Zirconia crowns

Today due to various technological advancements, many esthetic crowns are available in the market. Unlike stainless steel crowns, they are made up of tooth coloured material and have the same strength as stainless steel crowns. These crowns are more durable than natural tooth layers and are resistant to plaque accumulation or any decay. Also these crowns are not capable of producing an allergic response when placed in the mouth.

These crowns are known as zirconia crowns. They are the same color as that of milk teeth. Zirconia means basically it’s made up of ceramic and is the same material which is used in adult teeth. So if your child has decay in front teeth or is being treated with root canal treatment, pediatric zirconia crown can provide excellent esthetics.

Resin crowns

These are also esthetic crowns which are prepared by your dentist. These crowns demand high skills and require more time to perform. They are highly esthetic but cannot be used for uncooperative children because of the sensitive skills required. They are a good way to be used in treatment for general anesthesia and are much more affordable than zirconia crowns. But the choice of crown to be used is mainly decided by your pediatric dentist. Dental crowns seem unnecessary for baby teeth but they help restore strength and functionality.

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