Are you planning for braces?

As a parent or a young adult, what comes to your mind is cost!

With increasing popularity of braces in India, as compared to few decades ago, you need to be prepared for an additional cost or expenses and various ways to fulfill the treatment cost.

Plan for Braces

According to recent recommendations by American Association of Orthodontists, parents are advised to bring their children to an orthodontist by the age of 6-7 years. This early assessment provides a wide observation timeline to detect and diagnose any abnormalities in the child’s skeletal or dental development. In addition to this, the pediatric dentist can also detect abnormal oral habits which could lead to adverse malocclusions. This early diagnosis helps in early intervention that may prevent the need for expensive surgeries, complex procedures or need of permanent teeth extraction in future.  Early visits can prevent future extensive procedures and keep you well prepared financially.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

As famously said prevention is better than cure!

A regular visit to the dentist can prevent future requirement of extensive and expensive treatment. Irregular visits may end up with more dental work and long duration to complete the treatment with desired results.

Payment Plans

Braces/orthodontic treatment cannot be completed in 1-2 appointments. Most of the orthodontic corrections require 6-24 months based on the extent of correction required, and also it is not necessary to complete the treatment charges in one go. The sheer length of treatment, would allow for flexible payment options. These flexible options allow to spread the cost over the period of treatment so that you can make your choice about the best treatment necessary for you without burdening you pocket.

Sooner and better treatment is the best investment

Improper bites can often damage your teeth structure and TMJ (temporomandibular) making it worse and to cost you more in near future. The biggest price secret in orthodontic treatment is time. In dentistry, low price treatments (which could very well be quick fixes) more often end up as bigger budget treatments in the future. The later you visit the longer to complete! Hence, it is safe to that the better quality you aim at, the better results you end up with.

Treatment cost

The cost of orthodontic treatment completely depends on the complexity of the condition.

The cost of teenage or adult orthodontic treatment may range between INR 30,000 to INR 75,000 depending on corrective work needed. Orthodontic treatment is spread out over time, so financing options are available to make it more affordable. Your orthodontist will help you to find out the best treatment options for your specific needs and will make sure to be a cost-effective method.

If you are willing to start your journey to straighten teeth or would like to see an orthodontist for your concerns and queries schedule an appointment with us and our doctors are obliged to assist you.
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