Braces, Aligners and Orthodontics

Braces not only affect the alignment of your teeth, but they also considerably influence appearance of other orofacial structures such as lips, jawline, and overall facial profile. As a result, many people worry if braces can alter the structure or form of their faces.

So, do braces alter the shape of your face?

Yes and no at the same time is the answer!

Continue reading to learn more!

What Effects Do Braces Have on Your Facial Structure and Shape?

The goal of braces therapy is to straighten teeth and produce a proper bite connection between the upper and lower teeth. Regardless, of whether fixed braces or transparent aligners are used, tooth alignment forces the soft tissues that cover them (gums, lips and cheeks) to adjust to the new alignment of your teeth and bite.

In most cases, patients with protruding front teeth, frequently have protruding lips and lip incompetency (meaning their upper and lips are commonly apart at rest and the patient usually has to make a conscious effort to keep their mouth closed).

Braces or orthodontic treatment often necessitates dental extractions for such patients. Dental extractions assist in the creation of spaces within the dental arch for the projecting front teeth to recede backwards. The covering lips also migrate backwards as the protruding front teeth withdraw, assisting in the enhancement of lip competency. This Change is usually a gradual with braces.

However, if you have an underbite and we align your upper and lower teeth properly, it might give you the illusion of a “plumper” upper lip.

Do Braces Change Your Jawline?

This is possible for developing children with interceptive orthodontic therapy (also known as dento-facial orthopaedics or growth modifying treatment). These are recommended for children who have skeletal growth differences or imbalances between their upper and lower jaws, resulting in a misaligned or inappropriate bite relationship. Only growing children with still-developing bones can benefit from this.

The response to this question will be No, if you are an adult. Braces cannot change your jawline.

Jaw surgery is the sole option to change the appearance of the jawline for fully grown adults. This necessitates a tight coordination between the Orthodontist and the Oral Surgeon for sophisticated planning and treatment.


Orthodontic therapy is a sophisticated and individualized service because it requires an understanding of the delicate link between your teeth alignment, jaws, and facial features. There are many factors that need to be considered before getting your braces.

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