Pediatric Dentistry

In an era where access to care has received such emphasis, every parent desires that their child should receive the best dental care from a dentist who makes their child comfortable. Here is where a Pediatric Dentist plays an important role to giving quality dental care.

What is a dental home?

It’s basically an ongoing relationship between parents and dentist which includes all aspects of oral health from the time child’s first teeth erupts. This approach is mainly family centered where all concerns and queries regarding child’s teeth are taken into consideration. As we all know we have two sets of teeth and the milk teeth are the guiding teeth for your permanent teeth to grow, so it becomes very important to take good care your child’s milk teeth by helping them grow guiding permanent teeth.

Why is dental home important?

Tooth decay is one of the main issue which almost every child faces. When these cavities are not treated, various invasive treatments might be needed for the child which will be time taking, at time painful and also expensive. Education and prevention is one of the responsibility of a dental home and prevention of cavities can safeguard your child from all the trauma. Also oral health is important for overall wellbeing of a child for which Dental Home helps instill all preventive measures.

When should your child have his Dental Home?

As soon as your child’s first tooth erupts or their first birthday comes, your baby should have first dental visit. Many parents have a question, why so early dental visit?

The reasons being as follows-

  • Teeth are at risk to cavity the moment they erupt in mouth.
  • Bacteria cause’s cavities and babies get these bacteria typically in age group of 6 months to 30 months
  • Waiting too late till all teeth erupts is too late as by then your child is already prone to various bacteria because of improper brushing and eating habits

Benefits of Dental Home

Early diagnosis

Pediatric dentist understands common problems that affects child’s teeth and starts preventive measures immediately. Tooth decay, fractured tooth, stains are most likely to occur with child’s teeth, but all these problems can be resolved if you visit dentist early. Preventive measures like fluoride, gels, sealant application can be started at earliest

Exclusive dental care for children

From birth to adolescence, Pediatric dentist will take care of your child’s teeth by teaching brushing habits, giving dietary tips, and keeping the mouth clean from all bacteria.

Also if any tooth and jaw growth abnormalities are present, can be diagnosed early. Children needing braces treatment can be identified at early stage and less intensive treatment can be started immediately. Also timely referral to an orthodontist or a speech therapist can be carried out

Guide the permanent teeth

The sequencing of preventive measures is utmost important to have good permanent teeth. The timing of placement of dental sealants or fluoride gels can be anticipated from previous appointment and consecutive appointments can be scheduled. Also milk tooth exfoliation and permanent tooth eruption can be monitored and guided

Childs behavior management

Regular visits to a dental office makes the child comfortable and reduces their anxiety about various treatment procedures a children get accustomed to dental environment. This makes the parents stress free and reduces all pain and trauma a child might face or the fear which children might develop with a random dental visit.

Anticipatory guidance

An important feature of dental home is to provide anticipatory guidance to parents so that they are aware of their child’s growth and development, as well as risk factors that occur in children. This provides a framework for the dentist to start the timely treatment for every kid and periodically engage parents in conversation about their child’s oral health

Also the preventive treatment can be personalized to the need of the child as the risk factors for every kid varies and same preventive measures cannot be generalized for all children

Few things included and taught in Dental home

  • To drink milk from cup by end of their 1st birthday. Also they should not be allowed to sleep with milk bottle at night.
  • Semi solid foods should be started at 6-9 months of age
  • In between meal snacking should be always followed by swishing mouth
  • Sugar coated pacifiers is a must NO for any child
  • Appropriate sized toothbrush should be given to kids with adequate amount of toothpaste and fluoride paste should be avoided below 3 years of age
Does Your Family Have a Dental Home?

Pediatric dentist is your true friend to provide oral health for your kids and we at Minimolar (unit of Credence Dental)  would like to help you establish a Dental Home, where your children can be treated from their 1st birthday or the day their first tooth erupts. Call us today to setup a stress-free first visit for your child, and give them the best oral health care.

Call us or Whatsapp us at +91-9141160212 to book an appointment today!

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