Dentures, Crowns and Bridges Root Canal Treatment and Endodontics

Many of you may be wondering if you need a crown after root canal. You’re not alone. This is a common question many people have when they want to know more about the type of care they should receive after having to undergo a root canal.

A root canal procedure may be necessary to save your tooth from potential complications, such as an infection or pain that may spread to the surrounding tissue or jawbone. However, root canal procedures don’t always go smoothly, resulting in teeth that are fractured or weakened by the procedure.

A dental crown offers protection to your tooth and covers roots, prevent further damage to them. It can also improve strength to your tooth and increase its lifespan.

Even if a tooth looks to be in perfect condition after root canal treatment, it can still experience more damage over time. If you’ve ever cracked your tooth through something as simple as biting into an apple, you know how quickly teeth can develop new problems—even after they have been repaired.

The Benefits of a Dental Crown After Root Canal Therapy

  • Getting a natural-looking smile back
  • Restore a Weak Tooth
  • Lessens Tooth Sensitivity
  • Prevents Infection

Take a look at our video to learn more about what we mean when we say a dental crown is necessary after a root canal procedure!

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