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Full mouth reconstruction or Full mouth rehabilitation (FMR) as very commonly addressed and known is the process of rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all of the teeth in the upper and lower jaw. FMR means not just treating the complaint but overall treating it in a holistic approach.

What is full mouth rehabilitation?

FMR refers to a series of procedures that aim to restore the functionality of all teeth and gums.

It typically involves general treatments like fillings, caps, and bridge veneers and also incorporates specialists for gum surgeries, braces specialists, or root canal specialists.

Based on a discussion with all specialists and noting down all dental health-related issues a treatment plan is provided for the patient.

The need for full mouth rehabilitation arises due to:

  • Teeth have been lost due to decay or trauma
  • Teeth have been fractured
  • Severely worn-out teeth due to acid erosion
  • Jaw muscle pain or headache due to the same

Goals of Full mouth rehabilitations

Since it’s not just one treatment for every patient, FMR has different goals to achieve for harmonious treatment like

  • Treat gum diseases
  • Repair damaged teeth and restore their functionality
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Create a perfect smile and improve aesthetics
  • Reduce bad odor from oral diseases
  • Stop any tooth pain and illness

How the Process Begins

If you feel you are facing multiple teeth problem which is hampering your daily life, see your dentist for a comprehensive treatment plan. Your dentist will examine your mouth to determine the extent of the problems and give you a customized treatment plan with varied options to select the best one. In particular, the dentist will examine for

Teeth:  The condition of teeth will determine what will you need like just fillings or a few root canals with caps, bridges for missing teeth, implants, or veneers as aesthetic treatment. In short, your dentist will note for several cavities, tooth cracks or fractures, and tooth wear

Gum tissue: If gums are not in a good state, you might need deep cleaning or also might require gum surgeries as gums are the main source of foundation to hold the teeth. So here dentist will check for bleeding from the gums, tooth mobility, or bad odor with inflamed gum tissue.

Aesthetics: The color, shape size, and proportion of teeth will be checked. Also, how teeth appear with gum, lips, mouth, and your side profile face, all will be checked.

Temporomandibular joint, jaw muscles: A stable bite is what is mandatory for every patient as it helps in eating, biting, and avoiding any headaches or malfunction of teeth. Any bite irregularities if present need to be taken into consideration when a treatment plan is decided.

For all this examination dentist will make use of x-rays, photographs, and models of your teeth and make an impression of your teeth to check for bites. Also, your dentist might call for a specialist like an orthodontist, oral surgeon, or prosthodontist for a consultation to make the best treatment plan for you

What Procedures Are Needed?

Most FMR cases involve multiple phases and dental visits. The treatment duration can also be long which will be done in a specific duration giving time for gum tissues to heal.

The following treatments may be done in an FMR case.

  • Fillings for Dental cavities to restore teeth function
  • Prophylactic Teeth cleaning with deep cleaning
  • Preparation of natural tooth structure for caps, bridges, or veneers
  • Crown lengthening to expose healthy, sound tooth structure for crown placement
  • Contouring of gum to make it aesthetic and create harmony in the smile
  • Orthognathic surgeries for repositioning jaws
  • Braces treatment for problems like teeth crowding or spaces that might be hampering your bite
  • Placement of temporary prosthesis so you get used to new teeth and bite 
  • Placement of implant to replace missing teeth
  • Bone grafting to enhance teeth stability and give natural teeth appearance

Full Mouth Rehabilitation vs. Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is something that you opt to get while FMR is something that you need.

As these days many patients desire beautiful natural-looking teeth as primary criteria, and it is becoming hard to draw a line between elective and necessary Dentistry. 

For example, it is now possible for the dentist to treat any cavities with an aesthetic filling and if you need rehabilitation, today’s materials available make it possible to provide sound treatment with aesthetics

The point to be noted is that for both kinds of treatment clinically proven dental materials and techniques, as well as skills training, is important on part of the dentist as both kinds of treatments require somewhat similar knowledge 

Cost of FMR cases

As already known FMR cases do need a lengthy treatment which might go up to a year or so, so the cost of such treatment usually is between Rs 1 to 4 lakhs depending on each case as every patient’s case is unique and a tailored made plan is required

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