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A child’s overall dental health is directly proportional to healthy teeth and gums. Hence it is recommended that all necessary measures have to be taken to prevent tooth decay. Brushing teeth twice a day or flossing teeth is always recommended for every child. Yet there is one more preventive measure that every pediatric dentist recommends which is Topical Fluoride treatment for children.

Fluoride has been and continues to be an important element to prevent the formation of dental cavities and at the same time keep teeth strong and healthy. It is known to fight harmful bacteria and maintain a clean mouth. This fluoride is applied topically in the mouth making teeth cavity resistant

What is topical fluoride treatment?

Topical fluoride treatment is a preventive measure that consists of the use of fluoride agents which are applied to teeth thus reducing the bacterial load and fighting against decay. This topical fluoride can be applied in two major forms

  1. Self-applied Topical Fluoride
  2. Professionally applied Topical Fluoride
  3. Self-applied Topical Fluoride:

Dentists always recommend starting caring for a child’s teeth right from the time when teeth are seen in the mouth. This can be done by using topical fluoride from agents like:


Select a toothpaste that has fluoride content and use a rice grain amount of toothpaste for children below 3 years while those who are more than 3 years of age use pea size amount of toothpaste. Encourage children to brush twice a day using a circular motion of brushing.

Mouth rinses:

If your child is above 6 years of age and can rinse and spit, mouth rinses can be given in such a scenario if children are susceptible to decay. Develop a habit of rinsing your mouth with a fluoride-containing mouthwash

Professionally applied Topical Fluoride:

Professionally applied fluoride therapy is an easy process to go for. Dentists have used topical fluoride for a long time to protect the oral health of children and adults, especially for children at greater risk of cavitation. There are several factors that increase the risk of decay in children:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Eating disorders
  • Lack of regular professional dental care
  • Active orthodontic treatment
  • Poor diet
  • Dry mouth

All these factors are directly proportional to the increasing decay rate in children. This can be easily prevented using professionally applied topical fluoride therapy. It is a painless and minimum time-taking procedure. The gels are completely safe to be used and give you the desired result if all oral hygiene measures are followed thoroughly.

There are few fluoride products that are concentrated and need not be applied frequently. Such agents are only applied by a dental professional. A few professionally applied fluoride products include:

Mouth rinses, Gels, or Foams:

Children who are at high risk for dental cavities require multiple treatments and are generally recommended for agents like Fluoride foam or fluoride gel application.  These gels are loaded in trays and placed in children’s mouths for a minute. Children are asked to bite so that the gel reaches all corners of their teeth. This fluoride forms a protective layer over teeth and hence provides protection.

The only disadvantage of using gels or foams is that children might not like the consistency and have a tendency to gag. These gels are available in various flavors to make them comfortable for kids.

Varnish application:

Fluoride varnish is a concentrated form of topical fluoride which is applied to teeth by a dental professional. It is highly effective in reducing the decay load. This is an easier technique compared to the gel application. Varnish comes in form of a viscous paste that is applied to teeth using a brush. It is like painting the teeth with varnish. It doesn’t cause any gag and is available in multiple flavors which give children an option to choose.

Once applied children are recommended not to eat anything or drink for some time so that fluoride can form a protective layer on teeth by its reaction with teeth. This application process is recommended to be done every 6 months to protect the teeth from decay.

When should kids get Topical fluoride treatment?

Generally, fluoride application is recommended twice a year, unless your kid has a high decay rate it might be recommended every 3 months too. At the child’s first dental visit, which should be by age of one, we will discuss your child’s fluoride intake and determine when it will be beneficial to begin fluoride treatment. Although fluoride is most crucial while teeth are developing, it is also effective in adults. That is why many people opt to go for fluoride treatment throughout life.

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